Let’s talk about science fantasy!

This topic is one of the most complex yet absorbing subjects, whether you read about it in books or are mesmerized by it in the movies or on the TV screen. From aliens to zapping ray guns, there seems to be no end to what the human imagination can dream up. Flying cars, flying saucers, flying rockets, and flying bullets, on and on we go. Time travel, bizarre make believe creatures, both good and evil, fill the landscapes of our minds. Super beings with super powers, super heroes and super villains, there is now end is sight. From hobbits to dwarfs to elves to wizards, then throw in some goblins and orcs, mix with a balrog or two, top it off with a dragon…you see what I mean? Where will it stop? Mixed in with all of this comes angels and demons, destructive viruses, marauding asteroids, vampires, shape shifters, were wolfs, invisible men, shrinking women (or kids, right honey?), giant humans, super giant creatures (who just want to lay their eggs in NYC), and a terminator or two (surely another one will be back) just for the fun of it!

But based on the past, present, and future of this genre, I would say that it is bright, non-stoppable, and never ending (story -good luck dragon!). With that in mind, how does it all stack up for you? Do you have a special place in your heart for X-men? Vampires? Space travel? Or do you prefer dragons, wizards, and hobbits? What of alien invasions? And who can forget The Forbidden Planet with the “monsters from the id”? Or the blob? Or Mars Attacks?

So where do you want it to go from here? There are a lot of remakes in development, with many more to come. Should the old classics (Frankenstein, Wolfman, Count Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.) be remade? Or should they be left alone as they are in our memories? Please feel free to comment, and may the force be with you in your decision!

Randy Massey

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5 Responses to Let’s talk about science fantasy!

  1. Mark Lewis says:

    I enjoy seeing new takes on the classics. :)

  2. Randy says:

    Me too! Clash of the Titans remake was spectacular!
    Thanks for your comment my friend!

  3. K.R. Morrison says:

    They have to be careful with remakes. People have in mind what their impressions were when they saw the movie the first time, who they were with, if they had a good time or not, etc. It’s not just the movie, but the moviegoer’s personal environment at the time and his/her memories that made the movie what it was – not just the scenes on the screen.

    When the movie “Dark Shadows” was being made, fans of the TV series were eagerly awaiting a remake of the show they loved. Many were bitterly disappointed, and some were even outraged at the humor in it. They wanted to relive their experiences, not make new ones.

    It’s a thin line movie makers walk when redoing the classics.

    • Randy says:

      Hey K.R. Thanks for your comments. It is a mixed bag that comes down from the studios for sure. I guess that’s what we get for now until they discover some NEW authors and the wonderful works many are writing now a days. For me and many others, it would be a dream come true to have a movie (or movies) of our novels!

  4. Nick LeVar says:

    I enjoy remakes, but Hollywood is diluting the brands, I think. I understand their thinking, wanting to cash in on an already established fanbase. But I cringe when I see hackneyed remakes of classics (the first Incredible Hulk and Catwoman remakes come to mind). But when they get it right, the work is masterful (Spiderman, Batman/Dark Knight, Ironman).

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