Hi everyone! Hope everything is well with you in your world. I asked the question “are you ready for this” because this is the beginning of a new adventure for us, and I want to take this marvelous trip together. I will be bringing many new and challenging items that will take you beyond imagination. There are countless possibilities out there in the world of fantasy, and together we will explore many of them. From the worlds of science, nature, astronomy, to the hearts and minds of men and women, it is my goal to astonish, amaze, and flabbergast us with the richness of everything around that we often miss in our day to day business. So watch for weekly updates with pictures, videos, links, and anything else I can find to dazzle our senses, make us stop and ponder, and start to believe that the human race has barely scratched the surface of wonderment. Taking you beyond imagination – are you ready for this? I know I am! As always, comments, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome. Where do you want to go first? What areas have always fascinated you? At this time there are no limits to your suggestions. The good, the bad, and the ugly are welcome here. Up to the highest heavens, or down to the depths of hell, and everything in between. Let’s put our minds together and bring some amazing fantasy to others. Thoughts, dreams, wishes, pull out all the stops and express your imagination here. I will do my best to keep up, research, and bring the delights you desire to my blog. So, drop me a note, send a suggestion, speak your mind. I’m all ears!

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