For many, reading begins at a very young age. Rather, being read to by a parent, grand parent, or older sibling starts while we are still babies. Those times are critical, and help youngsters learn to listen, pronounce letters, and eventually begin to read words all by themselves. But why do we continue to read? What are some of the benefits?

Some are obvious, others not so. Here is a short list as published by LifeDev.net:

1. Enhanced Smarts

2. Reading reduces stress

3. Greater tranquility

4. Improved analytical thinking

5. Increased vocabulary

6. Improved memory

7. Improved writing skills

8. Helps prioritize goals

They also posted this statement that I fully and completely agree with:

“I’ve found that no matter what I read, the act of reading every day has helped me in nearly every aspect of my life. Here are a few of my favorite ways that reading has improved my quality of life, and will definitely improve yours.”

Now, my friends, I would like to challenge you! Pick one of the topics listed and tell my readers, in your own words, why you feel that the one you choose is important. Let’s see how many of you can convince the rest of us that reading has the greatest value because:????


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