To all my dear friends: two weeks ago we were given an opportunity to play a small part in the big battle against cancer: specifically children’s cancer. An invitation to participate in a fund raiser was sent to everyone of my Facebook friends, and several of them invited their friends. And yet, out of 1700+ invitees, only 54 said yes (3 on them later retracted) and 32 hit the “maybe” button. So now we can see where many peoples hearts truly are. For of the possible 86 (yes + maybe) only 7 actually followed through. And I know for a fact that some of them were actually buying a 2nd book! The levels of disappointment can not be explained, for so many to not even hit the “not going” button as well as those who wanted to be counted as a part of those who are willing to fight the war, no matter how “small” the contribution was. Who knows which $1.00 will be the one that pays the researcher that finally discovers the miracle drug that will wipe out cancer forever? I understand that times are tough for many of us, and the $2.99 cost of an ebook was beyond reach at this time. Therefore, I hope and pray that times will get better for you, your situation improve, and your finances grow. When that happens, please consider following through on any pledges and / or commitments you have made. The children who face this horrible disease are counting on us. One day, the cure will be found, and together we can all celebrate! The battle will be over, and no longer will the children be the real losers. As for me, I will be adding to the $7.00 raised and sending a check off to the CHILDREN’S CANCER ASSOCIATION. LINK:

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