The enemy is fierce and shows no remorse for his victims. Young, old, rich, poor, race, creed, country, ancestry, wise, or foolish, this enemy reaches out and destroys many lives. He shatters plans, demoralizes families, crushes dreams, and causes untold financial stress on all peoples of the world. The attacks are painful and yet death is slow and agonizing for most of his victims. And its even worse for the loved ones who watch in hopelessness as a parent, or a sibling, or, worse of all, a child, is taken away from them by this brutal and savage beast that shows no pity, not even for the innocent babes that he ravages.

Yes, I am speaking of CANCER, and for our extended family it has been cruel and wicked in its attacks. Two have fallen to the cancer Leukemia, and one was only a young toddler. She put up a brave fight, and many prayers were said for her during the struggle. In the end, our loving Father took her home, and we can now only wait until we see her again. For the honor of the fallen, I will not name names, but rather bring my plea to you, my reader, for together we can and will beat this horrendous foe.

Many say “what can I do?” for surely the little we each do is not much compared to the massive need for research and medicine and treatments. And yet, every $ helps, and the survival rate for all cancers has risen dramatically year after year. With that said, here is my offer: $1.00 from each copy of my debut novel sold from August 9th through the 11th will be donated to the CHILDREN’S CANCER ASSOCIATION. This is a top rated and nationally recognized institution dedicated to the eradication of this horrible disease, especially from children. You can find them here:  http://joyrx.org/

With that my friends I would like to leave us all with this prayer:

O God, in our hearts, we name those who are facing illness and pain. We join our prayers with the prayers of all who love them. Give them renewed comfort and courage. Strengthen in them the healing powers You have placed within us all. Guide the hands and heart of those who are entrusted with their care.

May the knowledge of your love and ours give added hope to them and to their dear ones. May they find even greater strength because our prayers are linked with theirs.

We praise You, O Lord, the Source of healing and health. This we ask in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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