Family and the traditions we keep are so wonderfully varied and marvelous to keep. Some are universal and observed worldwide in almost every culture. Others are more localized, either geographically or because of our up bringing, ancestry, culture, and society. Many are delightful reunions of relatives that haven’t seen each other for awhile, maybe even months or years. Others are annual events designed with the purpose of enjoyment at specific places. For us, we have a yearly trip to our local zoo. A great outing with lots of walking and sight seeing that the grand kids truly enjoy. This year was extra special and we had some surprises as well. The main highlight is the giraffe feeding (of course the zoo photographers are there, and charge an arm and a leg for the picture packages!). Sitting at a picnic table at lunch a gull made a deposti for us! And of course the wild Asian horses decided that it was time to mate right in front of us! I had to hurry the grand kids on before the “what are they doing?” questions popped up!
So, how important are family traditions to you? Do you have any that are unique for your family? Have you started some new ones as your family grew? Do you consider them an important part of your life and the ones you love? Take some time, leave a comment, share with everyone some of the funniest or humorous happenings that you have seen or experienced during one of your family get together moments. Let’s have some fun with this my friends!

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